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Terrarium Kits

Terrariums can fill that area in your life for easy to care for plants and foliage! We have a selection of options from tiny bottles, to elaborate bowls, we provide all of the kit, the plants and the instructions on how to make them in easy to follow steps. 



Base gravel layer

Pour your gravel in to the base of your vessel to make an even base-layer.


Carbon Filtration Layer

Now pour over your thin charcoal filtration layer - enough to completely cover your gravel layer




Add your soil

Now add your soil mix - you will get one that is designed to help your chosen plants thrive. You can be creative with its positioning (think about where the front will be) and breaking up large pieces as you go along. Arrange gently using your spoon so as not to disturb the layers underneath


Add in your plants

Soak the plug root prior to planting to soften (about 20 minutes)

Dig a small well far enough away from the edge so that your plant has room to expand and grow, ensuring you don't go below the soil layer.  Cover the roots with soil and make sure it is well pushed down.

Add the plants one at a time, be creative and enjoy!



Tidy, clean and water

Give the glass a quick clean and then push the soil down at the edges.

Give the plants a water, a spray bottle would be useful here and make sure the soil is nice and flat.


Add your top layer

Add the decorative gravel as a layer across the top of your soil (especially around and under the leaves of the plants).

Add on your moss and bark decoration and stand back and admire!


Choose your kit!

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