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Planted In - Plant Care Service

A complete care package for all your plants:

Plants look amazing in workplaces, shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. Unfortunately having beautiful healthy houseplants takes regular TLC.

We offer a complete commercial houseplant care service to keep your displays looking tip top!

We will collect any plants that are struggling and take them to our Glass house "Intensive Care Unit" were they will receive the best care to bring them back to display quality.

We hold a selection of plants that you will be able to choose from to fill the gap left, while your plant is with us.

We will rotate your plants every 8 weeks, swapping them with plants from our nursery. You are guaranteed to keep the plants looking exactly as they should at all times!

We can help with plant recommendations to get exactly the look and feel your after - No matter if it's for one plant in a reception area of a entire wall in a bar or restaurant.

Let's reduce plant waste and add some greenery to that dull corner!

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