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Easy care Houseplants - My plants at home

I have plants in every room at home but there is a common theme to all of them they are all easy care stress free Plants!

My wife and I both have busy lives and don't have the time to let our plants become an issue for us to keep. Let me take you on a tour of a few of my favourite plants that do so well with minimal fussing!

If you have a bright spot Oxalis Triangularis is an amazing plant to keep. They can be thirsty and will need watering so put it somewhere you will see it every day.

The deep purple leaves open and close with the light showing you a different view each time you walk past! Keep this plant warm and with as much light as possible and it will look amazing all year round.

Issues you may find:

It doesn't like to completely dry out but you will soon notice it beginning to wilt if it needs a drink!

When grown outside these plants will go completely dormant over winter. In our homes provided it is kept in a warm position with plenty of bright light it will stay in leaf all year round.

This really is a easy to care for plant in every way! They just want to grow! Often referred to as Devil's Ivy or Pothos they can trail or climb happily.

When you let these plants climb the leafs will get bigger and bigger but can lose their coloring back to fully green.

Find them my bright spot and water them when the top couple of centimeters of potting mix are dry. If they begin to get too long don't be afraid to trim them back new growth will soon pop out and the pieces you cut can be propagated into new plants in just water.

It's a firm favourite for good reasons! This is the variegated Tineke rubber plant and I also really like the ruby with its pink/red leaves.

They are great for adding a bit of height with their upright form and they are definitely easy to keep. Give the leaves a wipe over with a damp cloth every now and again to keep them shiny and bright.

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