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Do you Propagate?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Occasionally you find a product that doesn't just work perfectly but it looks and feels amazing too!

Attention all home Houseplant Propagators and Germinators!

One of the most amazing things about houseplants is their ability to clone themselves! In most cases all you need is a bit of top growth with a node (the bit where the leaves join the stem). Philodendron, Monsteria, Maranta, nerve plant etc.

Some plants have enough energy stored within their cells that they don't even need the leaves just the node and there are even plants that will root from a single leaf like Begonia Rex and Peperomia.

Some help us out by producing a mini me baby clone plant (spider plant, bromeliad, Mosses in the Cradle).

Or if you have an Alocasia you may find a Corm under the surface of the soil near the base of the plant. These are like a little bulb that new roots and growth will sprout from.

Given the perfect condition will give you a new genetically identical plant!

It’s time to

Liberate your Kitchen Window Sill

(Or is it Cill?!)

This product has been redesigned and developed in West Kent to remove all of the frustrations and shortfalls of the current products on the market.

Price wars between manufacturers have driven the quality and reliability of the existing products on the market to such a point that they are almost unusable. You only need to look at the reviews of some of these products to get an idea of the type of quality you can expect when you park with your hard earned money!

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